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 Pirate Triathlon/Paddle Triathlon 

Official Website: Lake Metroparks

No kayak rentals available

Event volunteers needed.  Interested?  
Call the Lake Metroparks Volunteer Department, 440-585-3041 ext. 6418.

First Leg Swim 500 meters or kayak two kilometers. Start in water. Depth of water approximately 6 feet. Wet suits are permitted. No flotation devices. Lifeguards are on duty. For safety reasons, tired swimmers may stop, touch bottom (if able) and resume swimming when ready. OR Kayak two kilometers in Lake Erie. Start on the beach west of the swim course. Paddle north 100 meters, then east parallel to the swim course. Turn around and return to the beach at the same location they departed from. Course is approximately two kilometers.

Second leg Bike 20 kilometers (12.4 miles) out and back on route of paved roads. Start from Fairport Beach, travel east through Painesville Township and return on same roads. Bicycle helmets required! Route marked with directional arrows on roads. Local law enforcement will attempt to hold traffic at all intersections, however, racers should adhere to traffic laws and race cautiously.

Third leg Run 5 kilometers (3.1 miles) on paved roads marked with directional arrows. Run with traffic. Always look both ways when crossing intersections and making turns. Entire course is within Fairport Village limits. Traffic will be controlled at critical intersections. Runners re-enter the beach through East Street access. Last 0.25 mile is not paved, but on hard-packed dirt/sand

Fairport Harbor Lakefront Park. 301 Huntington Beach Drive. Fairport Harbor, OH, 44077. United States.
Sunday, July 17, 2022 - 8:00AM

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