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Virtual Races

How Does This Virtual "Race" Work?


Sign up for the race you want to participate in, here on the RunSignup registration page.


You will receive an email before the start of the virtual event letting you know when the SWAG (Stuff We All Get) will be mailed to you, or if you are local to our company (Lake County, Ohio) when you can pick it up.


The next step is to run the race you signed up for between the dates that are specified in the instructions or on the web site.  Since this is a "Virtual" event, you can run wherever and whenever you want.  Unless there are explicit instructions stating otherwise, you can run the distance all at once, or break it into multiple runs on different days.  Remember, Virtual = Flexible.


After completing your "Race", please post your results to this web site, using the Results link at the top of the page.  There are no awards for our virtual races, as everything is on the honor system when posting race results.

Upload Pictures to Social Media

After completing your race and posting your results, feel free to post to our Facebook page a picture of yourself with your bib on, your running partners, your GPS watch, etc. and Instagram account @greaterclevelandxc.

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