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Grand River Canoe and Kayak Race


No registrations accepted after 4/09/23

An annual springtime tradition; experience an eight-mile canoe and kayak race from the Harpersfield Covered Bridge (Ashtabula County) to Hidden Valley Park south entrance (Madison) on the wild and scenic Grand River.

This race features a “maddest hat” contest. Awards to top three finishers in each race category (determined by skill level and boat type).

Novice Canoe

  • Novice A (combined age of 65 or younger)

  • Novice B (combined age of 66 & older)

  • Novice classes are open to aluminum and plastic canoes. Novice racers are individuals who have never placed first, second or third in any race longer than five miles.


Pleasure Canoe

  • Pleasure (all canoes, non-racing type)

  • Over & Under (one participant is age 15 or younger, the other participant is at least 18 years older than the first).

  • Coed

  • Master (age 40 and older; 10 second handicap will be deducted for every year over 40)


Kayak Classes

  • Women's Solo Kayak (all kayaks):

    • Ages 29 & younger

    • Ages 30 to 39

    • Ages 40 to 49

    • ages 50 to 59

    • ages 60 & older

  • Men's Down River Kayak longer than 14 ft.:

    • Ages 34 & younger

    • Ages 35 and older

  • Men's Kayak 14 ft. & shorter:

    • Ages 29 & younger

    • Ages 30 to 39

    • Ages 40 to 49

    • Ages 50 to 59

    • Ages 60 & older

  • Double Kayak (all)

  • Non-conforming class (race for time only, no awards)


Fee applies


Harpersfield Covered Bridge Metropark is located near I-90 & SR 534. Turn south on SR 534 for about a mile to the intersection of SR 307 at the bottom of a long hill. Turn right (west) and then turn left (south) at the next intersection. Go down the hill to the Harpersfield Covered Bridge Metropark.

Register Online

Harpersfield Covered Bridge. Harpersfield, OH, 44041. United States
Saturday, April 22, 2023 - 9:00AM

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