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Timing & Registration Services


Greater Cleveland XC is pleased to utilize ChronoTrack race technology solutions for timing and live race services. ChronoTrack is an industry trusted provider of race solutions that support 25 of the 30 largest events as well as a majority of running events in the US.


Greater Cleveland XC utilizes ChronoTrack disposable timing tags as well as ChronoTrack Live, providing race registration solutions and live race services.

Timing Services

ChronoTrack tag timing simplifies the timing process for everyone involved.  The single-use tag eliminates needs for tag collection, staff and organization to collect tags as well as athletes getting charged for lost tags.   We offer D-Tag for the shoe, B-Tag for bibs, Bike Tags for Cycling events and Tri Tags for Triathlons.  All these options use disposable tags.

Race Registration & On-Site Registration

You can use any registration service but we recommend ChronoTrack Live registration.  

Key benefits of working with ChronoTrack Live registration include:

  • Custom branded registration with full functionality to support your race

  • Registration integrated with scoring to eliminate manual data transfer

  • We can keep registration open to the start of the event

  • On-site paperless registration eliminates race day hassles

  • Race check in can be done by dynamically assigning bibs

  • Social promotion tools and advertising programs to help drive registration. 

ChronoTrack Live // Real-Time Online Results

ChronoTrack Live services include real-time online and mobile results, Facebook & Twitter athlete updates, video finishes, digital photography and more.   These online, mobile and social race offerings deliver athletes the experience they want while increasing the exposure of your event.

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